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How much does mediation cost?

We aim to make the costs of mediation fair, clear and simple with no hidden extras.

Before you embark on mediation you have an individual assessment meeting (sometimes called a MIAM). This is a chance for you to find out about mediation and for us to assess whether mediation is likely to be of help. In some situations attendance at this meeting is a requirement before you can make a court application. These meetings are best done face to face but in some circumstances can be done over the phone or by Skype. Please ask for more details.

Generally each person in the mediation pays an equal share of the mediation costs and the cost per person per hour are outlined below.

All prices are per person per hour unless otherwise stated

1 hour Miams/ Individual pre meetings (including the signing of court forms if required) £95

Mediation (including a written summary of any outcomes of your meeting if required) £120

Child Consultation meeting – £95 per child (cost shared between the parents)

Writing of a Memorandum of Understanding and Open Financial Statement £240

Mediation commissioned and paid for by a separate body to those in dispute. (e.g. Employer, local authority or landlord)

  •  3-Hour Mediation Session – £570
  •  Whole Day Mediation – £980

Negotiation support -Individual support to those involved in negotiations or disputes from a professionally qualified mediator. Designed to help you clarify what you are aiming to achieve and develop strategies for reaching a satisfactory agreement £95

Additional Expenses – these are for room hire and travel cost if we are not using our own meeting rooms. It will also include the provision of lunch for whole day cases. All expenses are shared between the parties and will be agreed with you beforehand.


Help for people on a low income

We do not provide legally aided mediation but if yours is a family dispute which would otherwise go to court you might be eligible for legally aided mediation. You can check if you could get legal aid for mediation and your nearest legal aid provider ( Please note that to access the calculator you will need to select the “yes” option when it asks you if mediation has started (otherwise it will redirect you to a mediator search engine).

If your case is not eligible for legal aid or you would prefer to use us but you are unable to afford the full cost of mediation please let us know. We offer a limited number of reduced rate mediations each year – please contact us if you would like more information.

Should one person wish to pay for the full mediation costs for both parties or contribute towards the other person’s mediation costs, we can arrange this if all parties agree.


Why trying mediation makes good financial sense

Mediation is encouraged before resorting to solicitors and courts because it is much cheaper and faster and normally results in a way forward that is fair and practical for you. It also keeps discussions private avoiding the damaging publicity of a legal battle.

Each mediation is unique and how long it takes to resolve will be effected by a number of factors. However, below are some typical mediation costs for different situations to give you an idea of overall costs and timescales.


Sorting out child arrangements

For contact, holidays, special events and decisions about parenting, education or medical matters. It can also cover improving communication between parents.

Cost per person:-
MIAMs / individual pre meeting – £95
2 hour mediation meeting £240
2 hour follow up meeting to review arrangements £240 (not always needed)
Outcome statement recording your decisions and plans – Free
Total £575 – Timescale 1 – 2 months


Resolving a commercial dispute or a single issue family matter (e.g. dispute over a will)

Cost per person:-
MIAMs / individual pre meeting – £95
4 hour mediation meeting £480
Outcome statement recording your decisions and plans – Free

Total £575 – Timescale 2- 4 weeks


Agreeing a financial settlement when couples are separating

Cost per person:-

MIAMs / individual pre meeting – £95
1 hour mediation meeting clarifying priorities and identifying financial information required. £120
2 hour mediation meeting gathering financial information and discussing options £240
2 hour meeting to discuss advice given on options considered and reaching a financial settlement £240
Issuing of a draft Memorandum of Understanding and Open Financial statement reflecting your plans £240
Final meeting (if required) to discuss and modify draft Memorandum of Understanding before issuing final documents – £240

Total £1,175 – Timescale 2 – 4 months


Resolving a dispute between two work colleagues or neighbours

Cost to the commissioning agency (employer, housing association etc.)
MIAMs / individual pre meeting – £95 x2 = £190
3-Hour Mediation Session – £570
Outcome statement for the parties recording decisions and plans – Free

Total – £760 – Timescale 2- 4 weeks

In most cases mediation costs will come in under £1000 per person. Compare this with the potential cost of litigation and court which can easily run to tens of thousands per person.