Avoid costly legal battles and time-consuming arguments.

Online mediation could put you
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Our national online mediation service gives you immediate access to experienced accredited mediators for MIAMs and to resolve divorce, family, workplace and business disputes.

Why mediation is your recommended first port of call

Mediation is recommended for all sorts of disputes. Courts often require that you consider it before embarking on costly and time consuming legal action. Mediation is quicker, cheaper and less stressful – often resulting in a workable solution that feels fair to all those involved.

Mediation is especially helpful where maintaining ongoing communication is important for business, family or employment reasons. Mediators are highly trained professionals, skilled in helping people talk together to decide on a practical and fair way forward. They can even minimise the need for further expense by giving you useful strategies to sort out future disagreements in a better way. Mediation can also help you avoid hurting the innocent bystanders to your dispute, so often your children, family and friends, who might otherwise get caught in the crossfire of an acrimonious fight.

Statistics show that mediation is four times faster and at least a quarter of the price of using legal action alone. Where there is a dispute, using litigation alone can often cost £20,000 to £30,000 for each side. Mediation is a fraction of this; matters can be resolved for as little as £220 per person with costs rarely exceeding £1000 per person even in the most complex and difficult cases. Mediation has a consistently high success rate of over 80% and even in the minority of cases where matters are not fully resolved, there is a greater level of understanding and agreement, reducing subsequent legal costs significantly.

We offer mediation at a time and a place to suit you…

We know that disputes can be disruptive and distressing. We see these problems every day but we never forget that for you, it can be one of the most difficult times of your life. Our aim is to help make resolving your dispute simpler and easier for everyone involved.

During this difficult time we are offering online mediation, wherever you are, at a time to suit you.
Our experienced mediators are available for daytime, evening and weekend appointments.

Why Lorraine Bramwell Associates are the best way forward for you

Helping people successfully sort out arguments and disputes is a highly skilled job and Lorraine Bramwell and her Associates have gained a national reputation over 25 years as a leading authority on mediation, training and quality standards for mediators in the UK.  It is essential that you have full confidence in your mediator and are sure they are fully qualified to help you with your dispute. As one of the nationally recognised accredited training centres for mediators we have the pick of some of the most experienced accredited mediators and also the cream of new mediators working towards higher accreditation. All our mediators are recognised by the government endorsed national bodies for their area of expertise and are also full members of the College of Mediators.

What do you need to sort out?

Disputes come in all shapes and sizes and whatever your difficulty, we can help you. Whether you just need some help structuring an agreement or you are at complete loggerheads and talking is pretty much impossible, mediation can help. All cases referred to us are fully assessed by our experienced team to ensure mediation is the right choice for you. If we don’t think we can help you we won’t waste your time – we will tell you.  Below are some of the common issues that we help people with. Click on the ones relevant for you to find out more. If you can’t find the title that fits your difficulty, contact us. We have considerable experience in dealing in difficult and unusual cases.

Separation and divorce
Workplace dispute
Civil or Commercial dispute
Neighbour dispute
Medical dispute
Dispute with a service provider or local authority
Dispute over a will
Education disputes
Family difficulties
Equalities Act disputes




“I wanted to say thanks for the part you played in bringing to an end – finally- the four year estrangement between my mum and my brother. It was an awful time all round and I’m only just realising how much so, now that it’s finally over. It was my suggestion to try mediation, and I’m so glad I did.”

Family member who wanted to resolve a longstanding dispute


“Thank you for your letter summarising our meeting with you. I thought I would let you know that we both met with our daughter and explained together that we are all meeting to discuss holidays. It has now been agreed that our daughter can stay overnight with me on alternate Wednesdays. She is very happy…”

Parent who re-established contact with daughter


“Thank you. I appreciated your swift response”

Business Dispute with a tight deadline.

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