What is a MIAM?

MIAMs are essential for most people who need to take a separation or divorce matter to court.

We provide Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings (MIAMS) and are authorised to sign the relevant court application forms to confirm that you have considered or tried mediation.

In our experience, having a separate individual meeting with your mediator before progressing to mediation is very important. It gives you an opportunity to explain to the mediator the background to your situation and what you feel needs to be sorted out.

Your mediator will explain how mediation can help you and other alternative dispute options that might be suitable. They will also check the best way of organising your mediation meeting to ensure everyone’s views are heard and understood. Finally, if having talked it through with our mediator, you feel this isn’t going to be the best way forward for you that is your choice – mediation is voluntary. You may have to consider it but you don’t have to do it – though for most people it is the best option to try first.

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